Yield farming platforms are minting tokens out of thin air, causing massive token supply inflation, an inevitable dump on the new buyers and a major price correction.

Eosinterest introduces an economic model that would leverage against ponzi-economics of defi- crypto, and provide for risk leverage yield maximization.



  • Zero token supply inflation

    The maximum token supply is issued at the launch through a Coin offering (50%) and Genesis Mining (50%). No team holdings, no lockups, no future token issuances. The entire token supply will be freely circulated from the Day 1 of the launch of the platform.

  • All- in -one Eco-System Aggregator

    Your investment is routed through yield maker of your choice- Compound, Curve, Balancer, UNISwap, Sushiswap, Avve, Harvest, Cream, DEGO… - to maximize the APY. AMM does the heavy lifting in yeild aggregation and leverage against the risk.

  • EARN

    AMM sells yield tokens and buys stable coin (DAI,SUSD, USDC) and Eosinterest native token (INTR) in equal share. INTR tokens are not minted to pay as the yield, instead, are purchased at the market price across the exchanges. Market activity decides the price, not hoarding and staking.


    10% of yield is invested and auto compounded in an index fund in RENBTC and DAI held in multi-sig wallet. The Index provides asset buffer against major price fluctuation in the future when the defi party is over.

  • DAO governed liquidation

    Users can vote to end the operations of EosInterest, liquidate the index fund and share assets in Index fund proportionate to their token holding.


DAO governance

Eosinterest ecosystem is controlled by the native token INTR holders who submit and vote on proposals that govern the ecosystem.

No custodial wallets: You own private keys, you own funds.

Funds management

Track your funds, implement strategies, follow progress on the dashboard.

Token Metrix

General Information

  • Token ticker: INTR
  • Maximum token supply: 10,000,000
  • Token type: ERC 20
  • Token distribution: Pre-sale 10%, Dutch Auction 30%, Genesis Mining 40%,
  • Team 10%. Ecosystem fund 10%.



  • Number of tokens on offer: 1,000,000 INTR
  • Token price at Pre-Sale: 1 INTR= $ 0.4
  • Pre -Sale Goal: $ 400,000
  • Date: January 22, 2021- January 29, 2021

Dutch Auction

  • Number of tokens on offer: 3,000,000 INTR
  • Starting Price (1st Hour): $ 2.50
  • Floor Price (96th Hour): $ 0.5
  • Date: February tentatively
  • Duration: 96 Hours (4 Days)

Genesis Mining

  • The number of tokens on offer: 4,000,000 INTR.
  • Duration: 8 weeks during March and April.
  • 500,000 INTR per week issued to liquidity providers at the market price.
  • Token price is decided by the market price of the exchanges at the given time.

*At each phase of the Token Generation Event, any amount of the designated token supply that is not distributed will be burnt and team tokens and tokens allocated to the ecosystem fund will be reduced commensurately.

** For more information on token distribution refer to the whitepaper and TGE

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